Editorial Training

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We want our reporters at ƹϵεapp to be the best in the business - so we ensure they’ve had the gold standard training to achieve that. It doesn’t matter how skilled you are when you start at ƹϵεapp in your journey to journalism as we have an outstanding apprentice scheme from school leavers age.

All of our apprentices receive the NCTJ industry gold standard tuition for their diploma in journalism with on the job training mixed with boot camps at colleges and universities across the UK. The training includes making sure our journalists have all the print and digital skills necessary as well as handle all the latest technology so they’re able to publish their fantastic stories across a range of platforms.

Once qualified as a trainee reporter within two years this is followed by the NQJ which will result in being a fully qualified senior journalist. We also welcome those with the NCTJ diploma already achieved at college or university and those journalists will also be put through the NQJ to become fully qualified.

So whatever entry level you are we can provide the best possible industry training so you can join our team of award winning journalists and make a real difference.